WhoHaha partners with innovative companies to develop opportunities for comedic female creators and bring ideas to life. We aim to change the comedy landscape through branded campaigns, community events, mentorship, and resources. It’s also a place for female comedy creators to network and collaborate.

You can link multiple social accounts to your profile. When you link a social account to your profile, the data will populate on your creator profile. Friends on your social accounts will not receive notifications telling them that you're using that social account.

We do not allow third-party usage of your social data. By linking your social media accounts, you grant WhoHaha permission to review and update our platform with your account information. We require user data from your social media accounts and engagement to research you as a creator.

Not at all. In fact, you can inform us if you are a union member using this area of the Settings page.

Not at the moment, but we are working on it!

We love learning more about your experience, you can add projects by clicking the ADD WORK button right from your profile.

Return to your profile, click the [EDIT] button near. You can also add Brands directly from the EDIT button in your profile.

Opportunities & Pitches

Of course! To do this, visit the OPPORTUNITIES page, and click “Add Opportunity” to post an opportunity. If you would like to promote a show then click “Add New Event”. Complete the additional fields with your information and submit. Upon approval for your community or event, creators will then be able to apply for your community opportunity.

For the best optimized view, please use hires images that are 1200 x 1200.

You can still pitch us your idea. We work with several brands. You never know when your proactive pitch will get picked up! Submit your original pitch here!

Submit a Community Opportunity by completing this form.


Yes, you will have to create a new account as your Brand. The brand account will have different permissions than your creator account.

Yes, you can add their information using the Alternative Contact section.

WhoHaha will not share your personal profile information with third party companies and brands that are not affiliated with WhoHaha.

Unless you submit or create a community opportunity, your profile will not be visible to other creators.

Click on LOG OUT from left panel menu under your profile icon to sign out of WhoHaha.

Click on SETTINGS from left panel menu under your profile icon. From the Account tab, click on “Delete Account” at the bottom of the page.
Do you have a concern not covered in the Q+A above? Please shoot us an email. We would be happy to help you! Contact us at